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A Subscription Box for the

Thoughtful Gift Giver

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Say it with Grace Box?

At Say it with Grace Box, we deliver a hand curated collection of premium stationery, unique gifts and an inspiring online community to create a unique experience for others to strengthen their relationships with family, friends and community through thoughtful gift giving.   We believe in the power of a hand-written sentiment in maintaining and strengthening existing relationships and provide a fun to open package bringing joy into the lives of others delivered to your doorstep monthly.

How does it work?

Pick your plan - Choose from 1, 2 or 4 quarter options.  Subscriptions auto-renew according to your plan at the end of the subscription cycle.  

Gift a subscription - Select "This is a Gift" at Checkout and either send to yourself or send to someone else a one time box shipment that does not auto-renew.  Double check the address you are shipping to and make sure you have their address correct to avoid returned boxes.

Cancel at any time, but bear in mind your subscription purchased will fulfill in its entirety and cancel instead of renew. (Example: If you purchase 2 quarters, you will receive 2 boxes over the course of 6 months (2 quarters) but it will not renew until after the 2nd box ships)  You can cancel any subscription, however, if you selected "This is a Gift", you will not need to cancel as it will not auto-renew. 

Can I skip a quarter if the theme doesn't fit me?

You can skip a quarter by clicking on "skip a shipment" once you are logged in to your account.  In order for us to catch this in time, please do this prior to your renewal date.  

When will my box ship?

Boxes will begin shipping on or near the 15th of every 2nd Month per Quarter.  Example: Quarter 1 is January, February & March, boxes will ship on or near February 15th.  New subscriptions received after the first box ships will be sent a box from the current quarter up until the end of the 3rd month of the quarter.  Example: Quarter 1 is January, February & March, subscriptions shipped February 15th - March 31 will be shipped Quarter 1 boxes.  New subscribers ordering April 1 will be pre-ordering Quarter 2 boxes.  Please allow 4-7 business days to receive your shipment.  Tracking information will be available once your box ships.

What are the important dates for renewals and cancellation cut offs?

Subscription renewals will occur on the anniversary date of your initial subscription following the terms of the subscription originally purchased until the subscription is cancelled.  Cancellation cut offs are the 10th of the 2nd month of the quarter, we recommend no later than the 9th.  Any subscriptions cancelled after this date will not take effect until the following subscription. To cancel a 2 or 4 Quarter subscription, the cancellation will take effect following the fulfillment of all boxes purchased under the initial subscription.  (Example: If you purchase 2 Quarters, you will received 2 boxes over the course of 6 months but it will not renew until after the 2nd box has shipped)


We cannot offer refunds on our subscription service, so be sure you are cancelling prior to your renewal date.  Login to your account to see your dates.

Be sure to also visit our Say it with Grace Box Store Policies.