Whoopsie - 1/4 Notepads Gone Wrong

Whoopsie - 1/4 Notepads Gone Wrong

Whoopsie 1/4 Notepads are notepads that had some small imperfections during the printing and/or assembly process.  These notepads are discounted and are sold as is, all sales final.  Imperfections will be different on each pad.


Reasons for Whoopsie's:

  • Tonor/Printer issue - Some areas are light and/or have lines through the printing, the paper is still in tact.
  • Backing Torn - This happens when separating the pads with the pad knife, it sometimes slices the backing.  The paper is still in tact.
  • Padded on wrong end - Padding compound was put on the bottom instead of top, paper is still in tact.
  • Wrong Backer - Too thick of a backer was put on and sometimes separates from the paper.  Paper is still in tact.
  • Misaligned - The papers shifted during padding, but are still useable, just not lined up.


Our high-end notepads are amazing for use with markers and pens of all type.  The premium paper weight is thicker which reduces the bleed thru significantly.  These notepads are handmade in house and could have some variations due to being hand pressed.


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Notepad size: 4.25" x 5.5"

Quantity of sheets: 40

Weight of paper: 32 lb Smooth White (Premium Paper)

Backer: Light Medium Weight Chipboard


Manufacturer: Lilian Grace Designs

  • Sold As Is - All Sales Final

    These are discounted and sold as is, all sales final, no exchanges, refunds or returns allowed.  By purchasing these items, you agree to these terms.

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$3.99Sale Price
Whoopsie Pads

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