Shonda Ramsey, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Lilian Grace Designs

Shonda Ramsey

Founder, CEO & Creative Director

Shonda lives in Ohio with her husband Mike, and their dog Coco, a Yorkie. Though childless not by choice, she has made it her life’s mission to help other women who’ve gone through infertility, child loss and are currently living a childless life know that their existence matters and they can live a life they love despite difficult circumstances.

Shonda is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a desire to help other entrepreneurs unlock their fullest potential. Shonda launched her stationery and greeting card company, Lilian Grace Designs in 2017 and added a subscription box for thoughtful gift-givers in 2019. She has always been the go-to girl within her networking circle when it comes to her entrepreneur friends who were stuck and in need of direction and clarity, offering them advice and assistant in order to help them “find their voice as a woman, brand, and business”.

In 2022, Shonda launched her Podcast, Unbroken + Enough, which will provide a platform for women who feel unheard and alone to share their stories and offer a community of support and tools to build long-lasting friendships from the heart. She also opened Lilian Grace Co, offering Small Business Solutions to help reduce overwhelm and burnout for other entrepreneurs.

Prior to launching her business, Shonda worked in an Office Manager capacity for small businesses. Her experience comes from her many years in corporate settings, online trainings and continued self-learning.