Lilian Grace Co is changing!

Our time spent with Lilian Grace Co proved that there is a need greater than we expected. As a result, we are sunsetting the Lilian Grace Co offerings and converting all clients to our newest brand - Oh So Shonda - where you'll work directly with our Founder, Shonda Ramsey.

Your brand is more than just a business – it's an extension of you.

At Oh So Shonda, I specialize in revealing the heart and soul of your brand through strategic creative designs that are thoughtfully woven with intention.

My mission is to help you confidently express your brand's voice and embrace its authentic identity, while honoring the faith that guides your journey.

I'm not just here to create visuals; I'm here to empower you with the confidence to stand out authentically, all while infusing your brand with the essence of your beliefs.

With Oh So Shonda, your brand becomes a vibrant testament to your unique journey, a faithful expression of who you are and what you stand for.

Oh So Shonda

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