Our Mission

Lilian Grace Designs builds friendships from the heart.​

Lilian Grace Designs is a stationery and lifestyle brand focused on building friendships from the heart for women who feel unheard and alone so that she can cultivate deep-rooted relationships with herself and others.​  Giving her back the confidence and mindset needed to be there for friends when they need her, despite what difficulties she may be personally facing.  Through our products and podcast, we provide valuable resources to help her look deep within herself to grow as an individual so that she can be there for her friends like never before.  We connect her with our community so that she knows she is not alone on her journey and help her make connections with others on similar journeys.

My Friends

One of the most important things about Lilian Grace Designs is that my friends have banded together with me in helping others.  While not all of my friends who have helped are shown above, each of them have been a crucial part of the businesses success.  They've helped make Lilian Grace Designs what it is today and continue to be a valuable part of the journey.  You'll get to know them more on the Podcast and in the Community!  We aren't always serious as you can see, we do like to have fun and laugh as much as possible, but most importantly, when someone is in need, we are always there for each other.  That is the beauty of cultivating deep-rooted relationships and why it is our mission!

Our first location and display

Our Timeline

2017 - Lilian Grace Designs Gift Shop Begins

2019 - First Retail Location (Consignment)

2019 - Say it with Grace Box Established

2021 - Lilian Grace Designs, LLC Established

2022 - Rebrand and Relaunch as Brand

Our Journey

Founded in 2017 by Shonda Ramsey, Lilian Grace Designs first debuted as an online and mobile gift shop with the intent to provide encouragement and resources for others to strengthen their relationships through purposeful relationship building.  During the early stages of the business, we carried brands we believed in that paired nicely with our test products and had a quarterly subscription box, which allowed us the creative freedom needed to test the market and refine our product line up.

Now, we have transitioned from gift shop to stationery and lifestyle brand offered nationwide to reach even more women who need our resources.  The Unbroken & Enough Podcast was added on as a way to provide a platform to the voices of the unheard, the woman who is afraid to talk about the hardships she's encountered and feels alone in her struggles.  She isn't alone, we are here to help her on her journey.

Lilian Grace Designs Logo

Core Values


We develop deep-rooted relationships with each of our customers and will work with all individuals without discrimination to provide a positive customer experience.


We curate products with the highest quality possible and deliver premium and value items that we are proud to stand behind.


We work together to the meet the customers need and help our company succeed despite differences that may arise.


We will give back by donating our time and a portion of our profit of our business to causes we believe in.


In all things, we choose to give grace and a fair assessment of all situations that may arise and strive to help nurture and grow our relationship with our customers and team members.

Learn more about our Founder

Shonda Ramsey is child-less not by choice, but by circumstance. She lives in Springboro, Ohio with her husband, Mike, and their Yorkie, Coco.

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A note from our Founder...

I am able to help others because I have been there before, myself.  When faced with difficult life circumstances, I realized I had a choice and only I could pick the direction I took. 

Some difficulties were tougher than others and it took me longer to make those right steps, but with determination and perseverance, I never gave up.  I've faced divorce, remarriage, child-loss, foster care with hopes of adoption that didn't pan out, and moments of self isolation to process it all. 

What I learned during those difficult times were that in order to be the best friend possible for my friends, who needed me even though my world was crumbling, I must first work on myself.  Friendship starts with you being at your best to be able to hold your friends hand when she's at her worst. 

I made it my life's mission to show up for friends who were struggling by saying things that I wish others had said to me during my difficult moments.  By creating stationery and greeting cards that provide the words others refuse to say, I am helping give a voice to those who say "I have no words", or "I don't know what to say" or even "I wish I knew what to say".  

It's hard to say the exact right sentiment if you've never been in that persons situation before and there aren't any greeting cards on the market that focus on this, until now.

It is my hope that you'll join me in the betterment of your mindset and the commitment to not only show up for your friends who need you, but to also show up for yourself in ways that come from the heart.  I invite you to join our community and share your stories with me personally, I love meeting new people and learning about their journey.

With Grace,

Shonda Ramsey

Fertility is a journey with many different paths greeting card

Say it with Grace

Our Say it with Grace initiative was created to provide grace and compassion during life's difficult moments to those we love and care about.  You can join in our movement by sending cards of encouragement to your friends and family who need your support.

Black and white nursery

Lilian Grace

This business is dedicated to the daughter we've always wanted but have never been able to have.  God has great plans for us in this lifetime, so we have taken our sorrows and turned them into our dreams. 

 Because of this, Lilian Grace is born.