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It takes a team of amazing people to keep the business going.  We do have some behind the scenes workers not mentioned here who do help from time to time.  We are incredibly thankful for all who've stepped up and helped us keep the business running smoothly.

As the Founder and CEO of Lilian Grace Designs, Shonda helps inspire and
motivate others through her uplifting designs and encourages others to send out
at least one card a month to family or friends. 
Before starting Lilian Grace Designs, Shonda worked for several small businesses
in an Office Manager capacity but was always on the receiving end of company
wide layoffs. In order to break the cycle, she decided to stop dreaming and start
doing.  Shonda launched Lilian Grace Designs in 2017, giving her the chance to
uncover her destiny after facing some hard struggles including infertility and
finding her passion was key to her success. Lilian Grace Designs started out as an
online company exclusively but can now also be found in several other gift shops
and boutiques.
Shonda started helping other small business owners with their branding and business launch in 2018 and currently still offers these services through Shonda Ramsey Co.  In 2019, Shonda launched Say it with Grace Box, a Subscription Box for the thoughtful gift giver.  Shonda lives in Southern Ohio with her husband Mike and their dog Coco.
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Shonda Ramsey

As the CTO and CFO of Lilian Grace Designs, Mike helps keep the electronics working smoothly and efficiently as well as helps with the business finances.
Mike received his degree in software engineering from the University of Cincinnati and currently works full time in his field in addition to helping keep Lilian Grace Designs running smoothly. 
Mike is extremely intelligent and has been an incredible help with the more technical issues we often face.  The business runs smoothly because Mike is here to help maintain a balance that is needed and welcomed.  Mike generally works behind the scenes but you can sometimes catch him at events with Shonda.  Mike lives in Southern Ohio with his wife Shonda and their dog Coco.
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Mike Ramsey

As a Customer Relations Representative of Lilian Grace Designs, Amanda brings
fresh ideas to the table and has been an incredible blessing to the team.  Amanda
started out helping primarily with Say it with Grace Box but has also begun helping
out with Lilian Grace Designs.  You will likely engage with Amanda most in our
Facebook Groups and you can even watch several of her unboxing videos of
our boxes and products.
Amanda has lived in Graceville, MN for  5 years after living around Watertown, SD 
her entire life. Since moving to that area she has been a stay-at-home mom that 
has also been substitute teaching in the Clinton-Graceveille-Beardsley schools 
since January 2015.  Amanda is also an Office Manager for Lutheran-Campus 
Ministry-Morris since September 2018. 
Amanda is a mom of 4, with 2 of them being too beautiful for earth and 2 being able to bless her with their continued presence here. Her daughter is in 8th grade and her son in 1st grade. When you can’t find Amanda at the office or at the school you will find her at home working her home businesses, running errands for her boyfriend and his business, walking/playing with their Husky, Blue, and just enjoying talking and spending time with my friends/family.
Amanda is a huge asset to our team and we are so thankful she's here!

Amanda J.

As a Customer Relations Representative and Affiliate of Lilian Grace Designs, December has been a huge help to the team.  You will find December not only on social media shouting us out, but you'll also likely see her stocking our local locations with our products.  She primarily restocks at Heather's Gourmet Caramel Apples in Springboro.  As an Affiliate for the brand, December shares on her social media our products across the board for all of our sister companies and is really awesome at sending in referrals.  Her love for the products and services we offer shines through!
December has been such a blessing to have on our team and we are so thankful she's here!
You can catch her on Facebook HERE and Instagram HERE.

December P.

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