Lilian Grace Designs is a premium stationery and gifts boutique with a vision to inspire and scatter joy to the lives of others through our products as well as products we love.  We believe in the power of a hand written sentiment and a well thought out gift. We take pride in our designs and hand select other brands that compliment our mission and quality.  We would love to hear your stories and learn more about you and how you use our products to bring joy to the lives of others.


The vision behind Lilian Grace Designs

Product Vision

My love for stationery and greeting cards goes way back.  I still have some old stationery that was left behind from my Grandmother that I keep tucked away. The first time I designed a greeting card with my own hands (back then it was rubber stamping) I remember the incredible feeling that came with it.  I had found an outlet that I loved and could relate to.  Each LGD Branded product is hand made and hand inspected.  While there could be slight variations in each product due the hand made nature, we ensure care is taken when picking out materials we use and the words and images that help make the product complete.  It is my hope that together, we can bring back hand written sentiments to show others how truly valuable they are to us.  There are so many people hurting, just think of what you can do by sending a unique card showing them how very loved by you they are! 

What's in a name?

This business is dedicated to the daughter we've always wanted but have never been able to have.  God has great plans for us in this lifetime, so we have taken our sorrows and turned them into our dreams.  Because of this, Lilian Grace is born. 

Say it with Grace

Our Say it with Grace initiative was created to help spread positivity to those around us.  You can join in our movement by sending cards of encouragement to your friends and family.  Our Subscription Box is a great way to get stocked up on these items.  You can learn more about our Subscription Box HERE.